The mysterious inn in Moate - Taschenbuch

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In the foreword to the first volume, the author goes into detail about his motivation for publishing the series of stories. In the following volumes, he confines himself to the content of the respective volume.

As in the first volume, the author gives voice to fictional storytellers in this second volume. The only thing that is real is the way the stories are told, as experienced by the author, and in some cases the background to the stories told. The author leaves it up to the attentive reader to judge which stories could have a real background. But be careful, it is easy to be deceived.

In the first story, the narrator finds himself on death row. He is said to be a parricide.

In the title story, the narrator picks up an old hitchhiker in Kinnegad late at night in stormy weather and is drawn by her into a maelstrom of eerie stories dating back to the sixteenth century. Has he fallen into the night of the eternal judgement of blood, a curse from the past? On this night, the devil takes a traveller every 70 years at the hands of an old woman who joins him on the road.

The author then lets a storyteller from Donegal have his say. He tells four stories:

How do you become a dream designer? The first story provides the answer. The author has borrowed a little from Novalis here.

In the second story, he tells of a man who must have realised for a moment that his vanity was nothing.

The third story is about a ruler whose greed for power and vanity lead to his downfall.

The last story is about addiction, deception and self-deception.

The author really let it rip in the last story. It is guaranteed to have no deeper meaning. As Albert Einstein so aptly put it:

Even the senseless has a loose sense.


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